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Blueberry Frost Protection

Crop Applications

For decades, Rain Bird's legendary brass impact sprinklers have been the standard for frost protection applications. Now, a new legend is in the making: The LF™ Series Sprinkler.

The LF™ Series hybrid impact sprinkler provides the key elements for efficient frost protection; high uniformity, fast rotation times and reliable cold temperature operation.

Competitive plastic sprinklers that utilize liquid silicone as a braking medium may slow down as the silicone thickens in response to decreases in temperature. Rain Bird's LF™ Series sprinklers feature the spring and arm of a conventional impact sprinkler.

These mechanisms are shielded from ice build up (often responsible for slowing) by a durable, plastic, drive housing. The LF™ Series sprinklers have been successfully tested to temperatures as low as 8° F. (-13° C.), showing virtually no reduction in rotation time.

The LF™ Series sprinkler has provided outstanding uniformity in hot and cold climates all over the world for over 4 years. It has been successfully used for frost protection in the United States, Chile, Australia and China.